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I have known Z on a personal and professional level for a few years now. She is a hard working,
dedicated and very professional individual. We have worked together in Customer Service, in
direct contact with the public, on a daily basis for quite a while. There have been times when
she has been treated rudely by co-workers and customers alike; yet, she remained even
tempered and calm. Being polite comes quite naturally to her. She is a person that goes out of
her way to be helpful.
She is a very business minded and focused person that is always seeking to better herself and
set a fine example for her children. Z is a wife and a great mother that puts her children

Sincerely, Stephanie R

I worked with Zayda at Regional Elite Airline Services and have had the good fortune of getting to know Zayda on a personal as well as professional level.
Zayda is an extremely energetic and compassionate individual. She has always exhibited a positive attitude and a willingness to take on any task. On a personal level, she has a passion for helping others and has been a source of great advice for me. She has exhibited a genuine love for others and has the energy and ambition to foster loving relationships with those associated with her.
Zayda's willingness to help out wherever and whenever necessary made her a valuable part of our team at Regional Elite. Her knowledge and abilities set her apart from other employees, and her willingness to do whatever was necessary for the success of our organization illustrates her strong work ethic and excellent character.

Sincerely, Ida C.

I have known Mrs. Maryland in both a professional and personal capacity for over five years.   We worked together at a large insurance company as colleagues and soon became friends.At all times I have found Mrs. Maryland to be dependable, honest, and hard-working. As a friend she is also quick to offer assistance when needed, reliable and conscientious. Having been around her, her children, and the children of other associates and friends, I have noticed and appreciated what a loving and caring person she is and how well she communicates to those of all ages.I believe Mrs. Maryland is an excellent person and I am happy to give her the highest recommendation.

Sincerely Anne M.


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